Breastfeeding Support

Independent IBCLC breastfeeding Support

An IBCLC Lactation Consultant, Ruth has been supporting mothers to breastfeed their babies for 30 years. Ruth has an experienced approach to her work and invites you to get in touch to get support.

  • Consultation £120/ 90 minutes
    Follow up sesions £75/ 1 hour
    Zoom Consultation £65/ 1 hour

    Package prices offered for 4 or more sessions.

Childbirth Education

Private Antenatal Classes

Receive a uniquely interactive experience where you and your partner can ask as many questions as you both like! The fun activities will give you the practical knowledge you need to feel confident about the birth of your baby. Ruth’s classes are very popular! They are designed with the aim that you and your partner enjoy learning!

  • Get in contact for an individualised price

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